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Yoga Therapy for Chronic Conditions & Illness

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Yoga Therapy Classes Tailored to Treat Chronic Pain and Illness

Yoga is highly effective at treating pain caused by chronic pain or illness. At Yoga Care for You, our classes are specifically designed to work for you.  

The process starts when you reach out to me, Meena. First, I need to get to know you, your lifestyle, your health, and your goals. I might ask you some questions about your health history and your mobility (for example I will ask if you can move up or down), this will help give me a better idea of your abilities.  

You can either try in-person classes or online classes.  

In-person, classes have a total of eight people in the room and the room is spaced out, so you never feel crowded or overwhelmed. Online, I only teach four to six students at a time, because yoga in a digital space requires more attention from the instructor.  

Either format is highly effective against chronic illness or pain and my students often see results after just a few sessions. 

What is Yoga Therapy? 

Yoga therapy is a specifically designed yoga plan meant to help those touched by cancer or other chronic illnesses and pains find the path to wellness.  

I believe that everyone learns, grows, and recovers at their own pace. Class will include physical activity and education. My approach focuses on the concept of vinyasa yoga, or the practice of stringing postures and poses together so you can seamlessly move from one to the next while focusing on breathing.  

You will notice a draining of the lymphatic system, and I will give you instructions on sitting and how to get a breath of airiness. In addition, you will be instructed on the movement of your spine while breathing and I will give you some practices you can do at home every day. 

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Benefits of Yoga Therapy 

Yoga therapy is extremely beneficial for anyone touched by chronic pain or illness. Not only is yoga therapy effective for cancer patients, but it can also help almost anyone regardless of physical condition.  

Here are some of the top benefits of yoga therapy: 

  • Improved breathing 
  • Better posture 
  • Stronger muscles 
  • Increased focus on spine health (highly important for osteoporosis and menopause) 
  • Prevents bone loss 
  • Drainage of the lymphatic system 
  • Better flexibility 
  • Stronger immune system 
  • Reduced stress and anxiety 
  • Better sleep 
  • Improved overall sense of wellbeing 

At Yoga Care for You, we prioritize self-care as an essential aspect of our yoga therapy classes. Yoga therapy for chronic conditions is a highly effective way to heal your mind, body, and live a life focused on joy and well-being. 

Sign Up for Yoga Therapy Today 

Evidence-based yoga is here to help you start the journey towards wellness. Reach out to Meena today to feel better and prioritize self-care! Call Meena at (845) 551-9761 or contact her now.

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