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Gentle Yoga for Wellness Recovery

Reviving Wellness through Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga helps you recover from chronic pain and illness. It is perfect for those who are struggling with daily pain or fatigue to help get them back on the road to wellness.  

My name is Meena Ananath and I worked for 20 years as an RN, and over 15 years as an oncology specialist. I have seen the power of gentle yoga and I am here to help you.  

What is Gentle Yoga? 

Gentle Yoga is a holistic approach to self-care that incorporates slow-paced and less intense yoga practices, with a focus on mindful movement, relaxation, and meditation. 

Gentle yoga is perfect for people of all ages and any level of ability. It involves stretching and breathing exercises designed to expel anxiety and reduce tension.  


The Benefits of Gentle Yoga:

The main goal of gentle yoga is to get your body moving without exerting it or draining your energy. Restorative yoga poses are integral to gentle yoga, as they help release tension and facilitate deep relaxation, making it an ideal practice for those wanting to regain their movement. 

Here are the benefits of gentle yoga. 

  • Gentle yoga reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Gentle yoga improves mobility and flexibility 
  • Gentle yoga alleviates chronic pain 
  • Gentle yoga enhances sleep quality 
  • Gentle yoga boosts the overall wellbeing

Additional benefits of gentle yoga therapy include the incorporation of breath-matched movements that promote mindfulness and the mind-to-muscle connection. This unique approach aids in progressing into larger movements, while also improving flexibility and strength in the body and muscles.

Sign Up for Gentle Yoga Today 

Gentle yoga helps you regain your mobility and start moving like you used to. Discover the difference that gentle yoga can make on your journey to wellness when you reach out to Meena at (845) 551-9761 or contact her now.

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