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Yoga Therapy for Cancer Treatments & Diagnosis

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Rediscovering Strength through Yoga for Cancer Classes

After a cancer diagnosis, many people stop moving. They suddenly feel fragile, many of the hobbies and interests they once had lost their appeal, and confronting the reality of cancer becomes all-encompassing. 

There is a better way. Yoga therapy and guided movements help reactivate the body and strengthen the mind. There is power in yoga for cancer patients and survivors. Yoga helps those living with chronic conditions and pain to rediscover the power and resilience of their bodies and mind. Yoga can also help discover the joy of everyday life, and most importantly, yoga for cancer patients does something even rarer, it helps you rediscover yourself. 

What is Yoga for Cancer? 

For over 15 years, I spent my career as an Oncology RN. Every day I saw courageous and vibrant individuals touched by cancer. But chemotherapy and the weight of a cancer diagnosis take their toll. Even the strongest of cancer patients struggled to maintain their optimism.  

I wanted to do anything I could to ease my patients’ pain and enhance their quality of life. In my search for a solution, I came across the Yoga4Cancer program from Tari Prinster. Under Tari’s guidance, I successfully completed the Y4C training. This yoga methodology combined with my experiences as an Oncology RN will now allow me to help cancer patients and survivors to manage their treatment side effects.      

Y4C methodology provides support during all stages of cancer including diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and remission. I create specific classes based on your abilities, to ensure that you are comfortable, but still strengthening your body. 

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What are the Benefits of Yoga for Cancer?

The revitalizing benefits of yoga for cancer are numerous. There is no greater joy than seeing a spark return to a cancer patient or survivor’s eyes during a lesson.  

What does yoga do to help those touched with cancer?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety naturally by providing an outlet for healthy energy expenditure. Yoga has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety in cancer patients, which can improve their quality of life. 
  • Help improve your physical function, which is highly important for the quality of life of cancer patients. Some cancers cause physical limitations that inhibit our flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga therapy addresses these issues and helps create meaningful improvements that you will notice after just a few sessions. 
  • Boosts the immune system and helps protect the body against disease and illness. Cancer treatment can weaken the immune system, yoga helps get it back to full strength. 
  • Classes are designed with a focus on education, aiming to educate patients about their body systems and boost their immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system in order to aid in their healing process.
  • Help manage symptoms including pain, nausea, and fatigue. These are all common side effects of cancer treatment, and, on top of stress, these symptoms can wear a person down. Yoga helps you bounce back and feel better.  

Sign Up for Yoga for Cancer Classes

When it comes to empowerment and wellness, yoga is one of the most powerful tools you have. I have seen firsthand the power yoga has to help cancer patients take the next step toward recovery. 

Contact me today to feel better with the transformative power of yoga! Call Meena at (845) 551-9761 or contact her now.

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