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Yoga Therapy Testimonials

Yoga Care for You is proud to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients. Find out what our satisfied clients have to say about Meena’s personalized approach to yoga therapy below.

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I had the good fortune to participate in yoga therapy sessions with Meena over the last several months during the most difficult time of my life. Her expertise and warm disposition set me at ease and made her easy to talk with. The exercises she gave me were well described, effective, and easy to incorporate into my busy day. I am grateful to Meena for her skilled instruction which really helped me maintain balance and manage stress and anxiety in a challenging time.

Nora D

I am an Ovarian cancer survivor of 5 yrs. I had a reccurrence in 2018 and was placed on maintenance therapy. This therapy has left me with severe fatigue. Meena was able to teach me some gentle yoga moves, bending, stretching, along with relaxation techniques. These have greatly helped with my fatigue. I found Meena extremely helpful in not only yoga but with lifestyle changes in hydration, food, and other forms of gentle exercise. She understands the unique struggles of being a cancer patient. Highly recommend her!


Meena worked with me to develop an asana practice that addressed my imbalances physically. Her wisdom also helped me to expand my meditation practice. Her experience and knowledge as well as her professional demeanor make her a wonderful yoga therapist. 


Although my experience with Meena was cut short due to worldwide health concerns, the practices Meena has taught me I will carry with me in my practice of self-care for the rest of my life. Meena is welcoming upon the first meeting. She listens well and takes the time to hear the client and get to know them before she begins a plan. I find this to be extremely important amongst the community of healers, and Meena is one Healer that I highly recommend. My yoga practice has drastically shifted with the help of what Meena has offered me. I move and breathe with more ease, I make space in between thoughts and I connect with my breath on a much deeper level now, which I believe also helps me to cope with the chronic pain that I live with. This Mind/Body/Spirit connection has been life changing for me. I am beyond grateful that the Universe guided me to cross paths with Meena. I know that any of her future clients will feel the same.

(30yrs old, female) (Chronic pain, Chronic Fatigue, Hypermobile Ehler's Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety.)

Amanda D

I would like to say how much I enjoyed practicing Yoga with Meena Ananth. After years of back issues especially after golfing. Doing Yoga I have noticed a significant improvement. Meena is a very knowledgeable teacher of Yoga. Practicing Yoga daily after Meena showed me the proper way of doing Yoga, my back issues are about eliminated! I would very much recommend Meena Ananth as a great instructor.

Thank you very much!

Mike Morris

I came to Meena as a Cancer Survivor, but our lessons turned into teaching me practices to help with clarity in my busy life. Meena listened carefully to what I was going through, and developed videos for me to follow along with so I could keep the practice in my daily life. After our second zoom call, she adjusted my practice to a shorter time period so that it would fit into my lifestyle. The customized tools that I learned from Meena are now part of my healthy living and continue to keep me healthy, day by day


Meena was welcoming and exceptionally kind.. She understood my goals and helped me to accomplish them. She took the time to explain the benefits of the movements. Age was a factor. We moved at my pace and ability. My goal was to increase strength and flexibility. We accomplished this - although I am a work in progress. The mind/body experience was an unexpected benefit. I have incorporated the breathing techniques I learned into my daily routine. I wouldn’t change a thing. Meeting with Meena was a highlight of my week.


I met Meena through our Pilates instructor, Michelle. I complained to Michelle for months about having insomnia. I tried everything with no sustaining results. She suggested trying breathing therapy with Meena. It was the best suggestion I received in a long time. I am grateful for the what I learned with her.  I use the breathing techniques when I meditate, feeling stressed, and at night. Thank you Meena.

Lisa WN

Meena was incredible to work with. I really appreciated how she helped me create a daily practice that fits into my very full schedule. Meena is always willing to offer extra support through accountability check ins and support. I felt completely supported and confident when working with Meena.


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