Meena Ananth

RN – Oncology (15+ years of practice)
200 HR Embodied Yoga Certification - 2018
Yoga Therapist Certification – July 2020
Y4C Trained Teacher -Yoga For Cancer Certification - June 2020

About Meena

While practicing as RN and an oncology specialist, Meena Ananth witnessed the sufferings of patients undergoing chemo and other treatments.  Meena, in her determination to help patients suffering from the side effects of various treatments, wanted to find ways to help them manage their stress and side effects.  Her answer came from traditional Yoga practices that originated in India.  

Meena took time off from her nursing practices and completed the 200 hour embodied yoga, yoga therapy practice, and yoga for cancer teacher training. She is now ready combine her nursing strengths with her newly acquired yoga skills, to help those seeking relief from mental and physical stress associated with conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, & arthritis.  Meena with her yoga for cancer training is ready to help cancer patients and survivors manage and enhance their quality of life with appropriate yoga practices.

For more information and an initial free-consult, contact Meena at: (845) 551-9761
"Cancer steals your breath, Yoga gives it back"
Tari Prinster
(cancer survivor)

Why Did I Choose This?

I am an Oncology RN with 15+ years of experience.  Having watched the sufferings of cancer patients, from the side effects of treatments, I was looking for ways to help them manage their pain and enhance their quality of life.  In my search for solution, I came across the Y4C program from Tari Prinster. Under Tari’s guidance, I successfully completed the Y4C training.  This yoga methodology combined with my experiences as an oncology RN will now allow me to help cancer patients and survivors to manage their treatment side effects.    

This Y4C methodology will help provide support during all stages of cancer including diagnosis, treatment through recovery and remission.  If you are looking for relief from such conditions, please feel free to reach out to me at: (845) 551-9761

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