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Guidelines according to the American Cancer Societycancer survivors should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, or up to 320 minutes for those who are obese. Two 60-75 minute yoga classes each week can help to fulfill this requirement, as well as mitigate common symptoms and side effects.

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Mudra for relieving Joint pain

(From , Feb 2019 edition, page no 95)

A Vital mudra exercise for senior citizens and habitual ‘ Netizens’

One of the most worked areas in our physical body is the joint. Joints are formed where bones come together. Joint is also the weakest area as we grow old and joint pain is very common. While many other conditions can lead to painful joins, including various forms of arthritis, proper exercise and dietary habits can help to stave of this condition.

Per Ayurvedic doshic lens pain in joint occurs when there is excess VATA and dryness in the joints. As we all spend a large part of the day sitting in front of the computer screens without frequent changing of positions, we often develop stiffness, and soreness in elbows, fingers and knees.

JOINT MUDRA is an effective and preventive measure against joint pain. This mudra helps to restore energy and heal the ligaments and tendons that are worn out around the joints and also reduces pain and facilitates movement.

The Mudra is simple to do.

***Connect the tips of thumb and ring finger of your right hand.

*** Connect the tips of thumb and middle finger of your left hand.

***Hold this position with both hands for 15 minutes or more twice a day.

****This mudra balances energy in the joints coupled with other practices such as gentle massaging of the affected joints with suitable ayurvedic oils, sticking to healthy eating habits , this mudra can be effective.