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References and Additional Resources

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References and Additional Resources

Dec 20, 2022
  1. Sulik, G., and Kytle, J., Roff, C., White Paper on Yoga interventions for cancer patients and survivors, December 2018,

  2. Lemole, Gerald M, Lymph and Longevity, Simon and Schuster Inc., 2021 (Reading material)



  5. Milbury, Kathrin, Study done in 2017, University of Texas MD Anderson center shows YOGA can be effective and a supportive therapy. She speaks about Palliative and Supportive care In Oncology Symposium Speaks of Thoracic radiation commonly used with Respiratory toxicity could lead to decreased physical function and affects QOL . YT helps since it is a low impact and easily adaptable to patient needs and also allows caregivers to join in since Shortness Of Breath is a physical symptom for Lung ca.
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